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DC: Cheats, Codes and Walkthroughs: WWF Attitude
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WWF Attitude FAQ by TekeMonkey
USA>  WWF Attitude: Offical Acclaim Strategy Guide
Europe>  WWF Attitude, Get It: Official Acclaim Strategy Guide
Canada>  WWF Attitude, Get It: Official Acclaim Strategy Guide

Secrets:- Career Mode Bonuses - Win the following events in Career mode with any wrestler, on any difficulty setting, to unlock wrestlers and bonuses.

European Title - Additional items in Create a Wrestler mode
Squeak mode - Wrestle as "Jeff" the Trainer

Intercontinental Title - Additional attributes in Create a Wrestler mode

Big Head mode - King of the Ring: pay-per-view event - Wrestle as Kurrgan and Taka Michinoku

Royal Rumble: pay-per-view event - Wrestle as Jerry Lawler and Paul Bearer

Summer Slam: pay-per-view event - Wrestle as Sgt. Slaughter and Shawn Michaels

WWF Heavyweight Title
Beep mode---censors foul language)
Ego mode---as wrestlers gain/loose momentum, the size of their heads swells or shrinks
Wrestle as Head, Al Snow’s dummy

Extra T-shirts - To get an additional shirt, place a logo onto a blank one.
Note: This works particularly well on black Ts with "Attitude" tattooed on them.

Fake Stun - To pretend to be stunned by your opponent, press Dodge button while they are pounding on you.

Royal Rumble Elimination - With your back to the ropes, perform a Back Body Drop on your opponent to eliminate them from the Royal Rumble.

Taunts - To taunt your opponents during a match, hold Kick + Tie-up and press either Up, Left, Down, or Right.
-Submitted by Ian Rawson
When Austin 3:16 comes out hold select and a MONSTER TRUCK will come out with Austin and will disappear when the match starts.

-Submitted by JayL4554
while being character chyna you go to create character and name a female (patten leather) chyna will then arrive to the remainder of her matches in a see through patten leather thong and bikini top along with triple H in a top coat and hat.

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Infinite Creation Pts 25B76D4400000023

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