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DC: Cheats, Codes and Walkthroughs: World Series Baseball 2K1
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World Series Baseball 2K1 Strategy Guide by - unbreakable7
USA>  World Series Baseball 2K1: Official Strategy Guide
Europe>  World Series Baseball 2K1: Dteailed Profiles of Every Major League Baseball Team: Dteailed Profiles of Every Major League Baseball Team (Official Strategy Guide)
Canada>  World Series Baseball 2k1- Official Strategy Guide

Bunting:-  Press L to bunt. 

Dream stadium:-  To unlock the stadium, hit three homeruns into McCovey Cove at Pacific Bell Park. 

More player creation points:-  Use all available ability points on your newly created player and save him. Go back to edit mode and load the player that you just saved. There will be more points available for you to add. 

Pitch Harder:-  When you pitch hold down the A button. As soon as the baseball is released, release the A button, and then press it again real fast. The pitches will come in much harder and they will have more break to the left. 

Almost Guaranteed Base Hit (90% of the time):-  Put the batting handicap up to 100, when you are at bat wait for the fastball which will come at least 1 time per batter. move the target slightly toward the ball (only at fastball, you can tell because it will come straight w/o turns or anything) the target will lock directly onto the ball and if you hit it it will be a homer or a very long base hit/double! 

Hit a home run every time:-  With the National League All Stars Team, pause while up to bat, and push R, R, L, L, Up, Down, Down quickly. You will hit a monster shot every single time at bat! 

Super Fastball:-  Pause the the game in the the middle of play, and press R,L,Left,Right and then you'll hear the phrase "It's thinking". This code only works with Pedro Martinez. The ball will be around 120 MPH! 

Faster Reverse:-  If you hit a pop up or a fly ball, and press B to make your runners return, then quickly hit the L and R buttons at the same time. This will then make the current base runners turn around quicker. This hint is very effective for when it is a short pop up to the infield. 

If you hit a homerun while playing the home team in their stadium during a night game you will see fireworks. 

If you play the game on a harder setting you will have better defence. 

If you press A and the direction of the base you are going to throw to right after the computer catches the ball you will have a harder throw. 

To get auto batting aim just use rookie difficulty and slightly move the analogue stick.

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