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DC: Cheats, Codes and Walkthroughs: Hydro Thunder v1.1
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All Courses Easy Enter ?DL as your name.  ?PB for the European ver. 

Quick Boost/Start  At the beginning of any race, hold L before the countdown starts.

At 3, release L and hold R.  
At 2 release R and hold L.  
At 1 release L and hold R. 

Gameshark Codes

Infinite Boost P2 38992B3300004090
Infinite Boost EB6F17E100004090

Always Place 1st 5C67782200000001

Enable All Tracks And Boats F7D9994000000001   38312B8100000001   8C2382C600000001
B746354B00000001   1114195700000001   49EA100F00000001

Low Lap Time 9A98C57F3FC88880

Infinite Time C51B287041C3BAE1

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