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DC: Cheats, Codes and Walkthroughs: Aero Wings 2: Airstrike
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USA> Aerowings 2: Air Strike : Official Strategy Guide
Europe> Aero Wings 2: Air Strike (Official Strategy Guides)
Canada>  Aerowings 2: Air Strike: Official Strategy Guide

Start a new game. At the "Game Select" screen, hold L and press X + Y to unlock all missions and airplanes. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

Free flight missions 20 and 21 - Successfully complete all fighter missions and tactical challenges.

F-18 Aggressor fighter - Successfully land more than nine carriers in either carrier free flight mission.
F-15DJ Aggressor 2 fighter - Get over 50 kills in the game.
T-3 fighter - Get over 100 kills in the game.

Bonus airplanes - Successfully complete the indicated mission to unlock the corresponding aircraft:
Aircraft -.- Mission
T-4 -.- Fighter Pilot 5
T-2 -.- Fighter Pilot 13
Silver F-4EJ -.- Fighter Pilot 20
F-15DJ -.- Fighter Pilot 26
F-15J -.- Fighter Pilot 30
F-104J -.- Tactical Challenge 5
F-4J -.- Tactical Challenge 6
F-1 -.- Tactical Challenge 7
Gray F-4EJ -.- Tactical Challenge 8

Unlock all planes and missions: To unlock all planes and missions hold L and hit X and Y simultaneously. An audio confirmation will occur, may have to be entered multiple times.

Get a F-15 Aggressor one: Get all planes that you can receive from missions and tactical challenges, and they reward you with the F-15 Aggressor one.

Receive F-15 Aggressor two: In free flight mode choose mission 21 and assign two enemies to battle you. Defeat them with the F-15 aggressor one and you got yourself the F-15 aggressor two

F-18 aggressor: You must have 10 or more carrier landings in one of the two carrier free flight missions. Don't forget to choose a carrier base aircraft and no enemy's.

Bonus stages: Complete all fighter missions and tactical challenges to get free flight in missions 20 and 21.

Receive a T-3 super recipro: Score over 100 kills and you get the T-3 super recipro fighter.

Game Shark Codes Unlock All Levels & Planes

4B4B4B25 E06DF041 E0707041 00000000

Gameshark codes

-2 Jet Trainer 80138B4E00000001
T-4 Jet Trainer 7235D54C00000001
F-1 Support Fighter 466A198700000001
F-2A Support Fighter 46DA198700000001
F-2B Support Fighter F98990C800000001
F-4J Navy Fighter F9F990C800000001
F-4EJ Fighter D7A8859100000001
F-4EJ+ Fighter 90180CB900000001
F-15J Fighter 7745D54C00000001
F-15DJ Fighter 417A198700000001
F-104J Fighter 2F67650B00000001
F-14A Navy Fighter ECE71EDA00000001
F-15A Fighter EC971EDA00000001
F/A-18C Navy Fighter AD8357DF00000001
F-15DJ Aggressor 3DE1220A00000001
F-16 Aggressor E3F71ED900000001
F-14A Testbed B0C63CC000000001
F-15DJ Aggressor 2 B0B63CC000000001
F/A-18C Aggressor 9EA80CBA00000001
T-3 Special Color 78D5D54F00000001
XF-3 Super Recipro Fighter 5747711A00000001

Enable Level 2 4B4A0B2500000001
Enable Level 3 9B581E1B00000001
Enable Level 4 C4DBF31400000001
Enable Level 5 25F777A900000001
Enable Level 6 673B7FAD00000001
Enable Level 7 B5962E6100000001
Enable Level 8 E5070C7800000001
Enable Level 9 4B3A0B2500000001
Enable Level 10 7C05C7EE00000001
Enable Level 11 C46BF31400000001
Enable Level 12 F529826A00000001
Enable Level 13 533763BB00000001
Enable Level 14 9B881E1B00000001
Enable Level 15 E5B70C7800000001
Enable Level 16 252777A900000001
Enable Level 17 7C75C7EE00000001
Enable Level 18 7385C7EE00000001
Enable Level 19 CBEBF31400000001
Enable Level 20 FAA9826A00000001
Enable Level 21 5CB763BB00000001
Enable Level 22 94081E1B00000001
Enable Level 23 EA370C7800000001
Enable Level 24 2AA777A900000001
Enable Level 25 73F5C7EE00000001
Enable Level 26 AAD3457D00000001
Enable Level 27 FA19826A00000001
Enable Level 28 35F130AB00000001
Enable Level 29 81E399EC00000001
Enable Level 30 CB3BF31400000001
High Score Tactical Mode 5867637F0000FFFF
Inf M Gun Ammo Tactical Mode A0F345BD00000200 55AF637B00000200
Score 100 In Tests 2217747C00000064

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