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DC: Cheats, Codes and Walkthroughs: Aero Dancing: Featuring Blue Impulse
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Bonus Options - Enter TASCAS as your name, then select the "Special" choice on the options menu to access "HUD", "Cockpit", and "Player Assist" options.

Earn New Aircraft - Complete all twenty Blue Impulse Missions. Exhibition mode includes new maneuvers which were previously unavailable.

To earn the indicated aircraft, successfully complete the corresponding mission:
T-4 -.- Blue Impulse Mission 10
T-2 -.- Blue Impulse Mission 15
F-86F -.- Blue Impulse Mission 20
F-4EJ -.- Sky Mission Attack 1
F-1 -.- Sky Mission Attack 2
F-15DJ -.- Sky Mission Attack 3
Gray F-4EJ -.- Sky Mission Attack 4
F-2 (F-16) -.- Sky Mission Attack 5

Unlock all the aircraft, the easy way - At the main title screen, press and release the L and R triggers. A sound cue (voice) should confirm correct code entry. Now you should be able to pick from all of the planes, including a flying dolphin and a flying buggy (from Chitty chitty bang bang?)

Exhibition Mode - Complete all twenty Blue Impulse Missions. Exhibition mode includes new maneuvers which you could not have gotten before.

Get a Buggy - In order to get the buggy, you must first get the dolphin. Then you must successfully beat the Air Attack Missions 1-8 with the Dolphin. A way you can know if you have accomplished a level, look on the bottom rite of the picture of the level. You should notice that the one's that you have beaten with the Dolphin have 2 exclamation marks after the clear sign, if you haven't beaten it yet, then it only has one exclamation mark.

Five or Six Jet Formation - Complete Sky Mission Attack 1 through 8. An option to fly a five or six jet formation in free flight mode will be unlocked.

Fly a Dolphin - To fly the Dolphin you must first complete Missions 1-7 of the Sky Mission Attack. That unlocks the 8th level mission attack. Once the 8th mission is beaten, your reward is a dolphin that can be used in free-flight and sky mission attack.

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