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GC: Cheats, Codes and Walkthroughs: Mario Sunshine
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Super Mario Sunshine (GameCube) FAQ/Walkthrough Written by (Copyright) black hole sun - Paul Lauria
Super Mario Sunshine FAQ/Walkthrough - written by CVXFREAK
Super Mario Sunshine FAQ/Walkthrough - written by Efrem Orizzonte
Super Mario Sunshine (US/Japanese version) FAQ/Walkthrough - written by CVXFREAK and King Kool
USA>  1. Super Mario Sunshine Official Strategy Guide
Super Mario Sunshine Official Strategy Guide
Super Mario Sunshine: Official Strategy Guide
Europe>    1. " Super Mario Sunshine" Official Strategy Guide
Super Mario Sunshine Official Strategy Guide
Canada>  Super Mario Sunshine(TM) Official Strategy Guide

Ending bonus - Successfully complete and save the game. You can pay 10 coins to use a boat near the clock tower where Yoshi is found to return to the Airport level at the start of the game. Additionally, you can get a shirt covered with Shine pictures from the man wearing sunglasses gives Mario sunglasses normally the game.

Alternate ending screen - If you complete the game with 119 Shine Sprites or less you will get an ending screen in which el Piantissimo inspects the paintbrush. However, if you finish it with all 120 Shine Sprites, the ending screen will show all the characters in the game.

Walking wires - In the first level you can walk on clotheslines and you wont fall off so don't worry. When you are on a clothesline press the A button to jump high.

Get Yoshi - Progress though the game till you get 25 Shine Sprites. Go to Pinnal Park and complete Story #4 . You will now be back in town. The Fake Mario will appear with an egg. Chase him down to get Yoshi.

Yoshi juice - After eating a fruit, Yoshi can then spit out juice to defeat enemies.

The Pesky Piranha Plant - When you get to the large sludge spitting piranha plant in the windmill you'll have to beat it in order to move on. When it opens up its mouth use the spray function on the water cannon to pray water into its mouth. Aim carefully. When it tips over and a red arrow appears do a ground pound on the bump on its stomach. To do a ground pound, while your in the air press the L button and you should do a ground pound. Watch out for the enemies and the sludge the piranha lant spits out. The sludge will damage you. Also be aware he has a special trick for if u get too close. To regain your life the piranha plant should make some miniature replicas of itself and when you spray them with your water cannon they will drop coins. And your water cannon will refill itself automatically when u run out. Do the spray and pound combinations a few times to gain victory. And if the piranha plant should spit out sludge than point your water cannon down at the sludge and clean it up. You now know how to beat him. Just know not to get too close or he will use his special trick he'll swipe you with his head and do it in a counter-clockwise direction). Go get him!
Send in by Gene Morgan

Sunglasses - To get the sunglasses, talk to the man wearing glasses on the beach in Dolphic Plaza. The sunglasses tint your screen as if you were actually wearing them. He is also found in many other levels. He will not give them to you if you have less that 20 Shine Sprites. Talk to him again to take them off.

Easy lives - Whenever you complete a level, go to the water directly next to where the boats go in and out. Dive all the way to the bottom and you will see a 1-Up Mushroom. Whenever you return from a level or start from the beginning, it will be there.

Finding Shine Sprites - Go out to the island where the man is stranded. You will see a gold bird flying around. Shoot it with your water cannon and a Shine Sprite will appear.

Return to the Airport - Once you've beaten the game (and saved your game), you will be able to go back to the Airport from the very beginning. It'll cost you, though. For the price of 10 coins, a boat close to the clock tower where you find Yoshi will take you to the Airport level, which is filled with coins and fun stuff to do.

Finding coins - Find a patch of flowers and spray them all quickly. Four or five Coins will appear from the middle of the patch.

Easy cleaning - Instead of taking a bath each time Mario gets dirty, do one or two spin jumps.

Jump onto buildings - Use a Ground Pound on a manhole cover then immediately jump up. This will send you high into the air. Use a Hover Nozzle to get on the building. Note: Some items, such as Shine Sprites and Blue Coins, can be found on roofs.
Send in by Trevor & Nelly

Sunglasses & Hawaiian Shirt - Look for a man with black sunglasses in the hub world (he's at the beach, close to the fruit stands) or in most of the other levels and talk to him. When certain conditions are met, he'll give you a pair of sunglasses to wear, which will darken your screen appropriately. The same guy will also give you a Hawaiian shirt -- but you've got to do some work first: finish the game. If you've saved your game after you beat the last big boss, you'll be able to get your shirt anytime you talk to this guy.

Sprinkler Water Spray - To execute the Sprinkler Water Spray easily, do a Spin Jump and hold R.

Refill Your Water cannon - Go in any part of water you can find. Then press R. Your water cannon should be full.

Avoid losing health when falling - When falling from high places, press L to do a Ground Pound. This will make you fall very fast and not lose health.

Up, Up and Away - Press X or R to fly up in the air with the Hover Nozzle use the Joystick to move around in the air you can also spray your WATER CANON While in the air. You can navigate to Roofs, find hidden BLUE COINS and SHINE SPRITES.

Avoid dying - Pause game play when you are about to die and select "Exit Area". You will be teleported in front of the level you were at and not lose a life. Note: This does not work if you are falling.
Send in by Laura2002

Faster transportation - To make Mario get around a little faster, use the single spray nozzle and shoot a small amount of water in front of him. Run and press B to do a belly slide. He will slide through the water and keep going at a high speed. This will continue as long as you do not hit anything.

Swim faster - When swimming, switch to your hover and press R. It will give you a little boost while swimming.

Go Faster - To make Mario go faster press the B button recently, or Hold R down slightly while running then u press the B button (NOTE: nozzle must be Water to perform the second stunt.

Noki Bay - Stand in the beam of light that appears in town and look up at the sun. You will be transported to a level called Noki Bay.

Washing off - If Mario is filled with polluted paint all over him, you can either do a few spin jumps or jump in the water to get the paint off!

Blue Coins - To get lots of blue coins it is very simple if you see a lady with a basket she'll ask you to get 3 fruits so go get some fruits she told you to get put the 3 fruits into the basket talk to her and walla blue coins you can keep on doing this and you'll get more coins.
Send in by Wendy/Dean/Luise

Pinna Valley - Jump onto the top of the Shine Statue in Delfino Plaza. Enter the red pipe there to get to Pinna Valley.

Defeating Gooper Blooper - When he punches you with his arm, jump on it and it will flatten. Then, press B and pull his arm off. Do this for each arm. When the arms are gone, pull off the nose. Do this process twice to win.

Defeating Mecha-Bowser - Get a rocket and when you get close to him, shoot it at his head. Squirt the Bullet Bills with water, and also squirt the flames to avoid getting hit. Do this three times to win.

How to beat the Squid thingy - This is very simple. All you have to do is daze the enemy (or not) then grab the squids tentacle and move backwards and then SNAP! It comes right off!

Defeating Mantas - Hide in the hut where the "girl" is located during the Manta fight in Sirena Beach Episode 1. If you talk to her before the fight, she tells you that it was safe there during the first attack. When they pass over, they go on the rooftop over Mario and you will not get hurt. Run out, squirt them, then run back inside.

Defeat Piranha Pete When he opens his mouth, keep spraying water into it until he falls down. Then do a Ground Pound onto the little bump on his stomach . Do this three times to defeat him.

Defeating Piranha Plants - You can defeat all Piranha Plants by squirting them when they have their mouth open.

Defeating Wiggler - Water one of the Dune Buds and it will make a hill. Wiggler will run into it and turn over. After that, do a Ground Pound onto his stomach. Do this three times.

Sleeping Mario - Remain idle during game play and Mario will fall asleep.
Send in by Matt Jones

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