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Aina Sahalin:  Successfully complete Norris' third mission.

Anavel Gato:  Successfully complete Char's eighth mission.

Bernard Wiseman:  Successfully complete Char's ninth mission.

Christina Mckensie:  Successfully complete Amuro's eleventh mission.

Gaia:  Successfully complete Ral's fifth mission.

Hayato Kobayashi:  Successfully complete Chris' first mission.

Johnny Raiden:  Successfully complete Char's twelfth mission.

Kai Shiden:  Successfully complete Amuro's twelfth mission.

Lalah Sune:  Successfully complete Bernard's first mission.

Norris Packard:  Successfully complete Char's fourth mission.

Ramba Ral:  Successfully complete Char's third misison.

Sayla Mass:  Successfully complete Shiro's fifth mission.

Shiro Amada:  Successfully complete Amuro's sixth mission.

Acguy Mobile Suit:  Successfully complete Lalah's mission.

Dom Mobile Suit:  Earn an "S" rank on Aina Sakhalin's fourth mission.

Ez-8 Gundam [G] Mobile Suit:  Earn an "S" rank on Shiro's final mission.

Gelgoog AG Custom Mobile Suit:  Successfully complete Gato's final mission.

Gelgoog MS-14A Mobile Suit:  Earn an "S" rank on Bernard Wiseman's mission.

GM Mobile Suit:  Earn an "S" rank on Amuro's seventh mission.

GM [G] Mobile Suit:  Earn an "S" rank on the second training mission.

Gogg Mobile Suit:  Earn an "S" rank on Norris' second mission.

Gouf Custom Mobile Suit:  Earn an "S" rank on Norris' final mission.

Guncannon Mobile Suit:  Earn an "S" rank on Hayato's third mission.

Gundam "Alex" Mobile Suit:  Successfully complete Christina Mackenzie's hardcore mission.

Gundam [G] Mobile Suit:  Earn an "S" rank on Shiro's first mission.

Gundank Mass Production Type Mobile Suit:  Successfully complete Shiro's final mission.

Guntank Mobile Suit:  Successfully complete Hayato's final mission.

RB-79 Ball Mobile Suit:  Earn an "S" rank on the first training mission.

Rick Dom Mobile Suit:  Successfully complete Gaia's final mission.

Z'Gok Char Custom Mobile Suit:  Earn an "S" rank on Char's final mission.

Zaku II Kai Mobile Suit:  Successfully complete Bernard Wiseman's mission.

Zaku II MS-06C Mobile Suit:  Successfully complete Johnny Ridden's final mission.

Zaku II MS-06J Mobile Suit:  Successfully complete Norris' last mission.

Zaku II Prototype MS-06RD-4 Mobile Suit:  Earn an "S" rank on Aina Sakhalin's first mission.

175mm Recoilless Gun:  Successfully complete Ramba Ral's final mission.

90mm Machine Gun:  Successfully complete Christina Mackenzie's mission.

Giant 360mm Bazooka:  Successfully complete Johnny Ridden's second mission.

Gundam Hammer:  Successfully complete Amuro's final mission.

Hand Grenade:  Successfully complete Kai's final mission.

Hand Grenade:  Earn an "S" rank on Norris's first mission.

Hyper Hammer:  Successfully complete Amuro's hardcore mission.

Missile Launcher:  Earn an "S" rank on Christina Mackenzie's mission.

Nuclear Canister Bazooka:  Successfully complete Bernard Wiseman's hardcore mission.

Rocket Launcher:  Earn an "S" rank on Hayato's fourth mission.

Spray Missile Launcher:  Earn an "S" rank on Kai's fourth mission.

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