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GC: Cheats, Codes and Walkthroughs: Jedi Outcast
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USA>  Versus Books Official Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast Perfect Guide
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Canada>  Versus Books Official Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast Perfect Guide
Note: This game is also known as: Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

Level 1: Get through the blast door - To get through the blast door, activate the defence guns. After killing the Storm Troopers, get on the defence guns and shoot the blast door with the alternate attack. Note: The defence guns are activated upstairs and can only be accessed with the key an officer has.

Secret area - At the shield generator, go to the dynamite on the top of green energy pipes. There is a large shield booster and a seeker drone. First, jump on the pipes you destroyed. Then, go to the edge of the pipe, jump flip to the next one, and repeat.

All FMV sequences - Enter FLICKY as a code at the cheat screen.

All Multi-player & Hidden Characters - Enter PEEPS as a code at the cheat screen.

Bonus level - Enter DEMO as a code at the cheat screen. The Alzoc III level will be unlocked.

Defeating Blue Reborn - Trap him in a corner then keep slashing him. This tactic may not always work, but it will make him weaker.

Defeating Desan - Use Force Speed to move faster, then attack him with as many blows as possible.

Defeating Stormtroopers - Push them using Force Push, then run up to them close enough that you touch them. Then, push them.

Easy kills - If you have Saber Defense to the top in Force powers, it is easier to kill enemies with lightsabers. Defend their blows and sometimes they will get hit and get killed.

Force Jump - At the top of your jump, use non-Force jump. Note: This does not always work and may only work in some levels.

New lightsaber move for red stance - Strafe left or right and keep pressing an attack. Kyle should swing his lightsaber to the right and his left hand should release his lightsaber.

Invincibility - Enter BUBBLE as a code at the cheat screen. You cannot get hurt, unless you jump off the edge of a cliff into oblivion. Lasers, bombs, enemy Force moves, and lightsabers cannot hurt you. This works in both multi-player and single player levels.

Infinite ammo - Enter in the cheat screen: BISCUIT

Push away projectiles - You can use your Force Push ability to push away almost any enemy projectile (laser blasts, rockets, metallic bolts.

Start with lightsaber - Enter FUDGE as a code at the cheat screen.

Unlock first 6 level's  - Type: CHERRY in the cheat's screen.
Sent in by Rory Ingles

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