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GC: Walkthrough, Cheats, Guides, Hints, Tips: James Bond 007 2005: From Russia with Love
USA>  James Bond 007: From Russia With Love: Official Strategy Guide
Europe>  James Bond 007: From Russia With Love: Official Strategy Guide
Canada>  James Bond 007: From Russia With Love: Official Strategy Guide
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Bonus Missions  -  Unlock the following missions by obtaining a certain amount of awards.


Airport Collect 60 awards

Plaza Collect 40 awards

Ruins Collect 25 awards

Tunnel Collect 10 awards

Hidden Costumes  -  The following costumes can be found throughout various missions:


Black Tux. (A Black Tux Duh...) In the Gpsy camp upstairs in the house where tear gas in on the lower level
Bond's Dinner Jacket Obtain it from Q's Head Quarters at the second part of the Hedgemaze mission
Bond's Snow Suit Obtain it in the Factory mission

Convert Uniform (Stelth Suit) Where last bomb is in Station T

Russian Uniform (Russian solder's Uniform) Istanbul pt. 2 in safehouse where the guy tells you where it is in a chest

Tailored Suit (Grey Suit) Start with it in MI6 in Hedgemaze level

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